Additional Services

Permanent registration of your vehicle

If your car's final destination is in Germany, PORTGAENT can help in the application for the TÜV-badge, the badge of the Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV). This certification is important as you will need it to be able to drive your car in Germany. It is also a reliable attest of the condition of your vehicle. Where you car must be converted to meet strict German road safety standards, PORTAGENT has affiliate companies who can perform these tasks on your behalf. Please contact us for further information.

Short-time registration

If you wish to drive the car immediately, then a 5 day license is most probably apt for your needs. Again, we can facilitate this. Please ask for further details. In order to approve your vehicle to drive outside of Germany, you will need the red customs license plates which are only accessible after a general inspection. Our affiliate companies can help with this.

Official Independent Expert Report

We work closely with licensed consultants and motor-vehicle accident investigators who can calculate in an efficient manner the value of your vehicle. A certificate from an independent expert is often needed for the levy of import duties and this is required by customs authorities.

Customs Clearance while emigration/immigration

The liability to clear the goods for imports exists for all goods imported into the EU and is dependent upon their monetary value. The diverse nature of vehicles, motor bikes and boats or Jet Skis etc. allows the customs tariff to fluctuate between 6% and 10%. Furthermore, additionally to the mentioned customs duties, there is a levy on imports in the form of a value-added tax (VAT) which is in Germany 19%. The benchmark for imports accounts approximately up to 30% of the primary value. In the case of movement of goods due to immigration to the European Union these costs are not to be applied.


We work hard on the improvement of interface between arrival of goods and dispatch. Nonetheless, even if it comes to long delay periods we take care of your welfare! In order to make the waiting period as convenient as possible for you, we are helpful and flexible in the search of a hotel suiting your expectations; even at a late hour!