The Company

PORTAGENT is a young, vibrant and dynamic firm with strong experience within the container logistics business. With this background, we have been able to provide innovative, bespoke and unique solutions for your container logistics.

PORTAGENT was devised as a result of increased globalization of trade and it became apparent that in order to survive and prosper in this new world, direct, timely logistics was required. Our solutions provide you with the ability to compete in this new trading environment on your own terms.

With our unique knowledge of the logistics world, we are able to provide a safe and timely movement of goods to and from Europe. Our business to date has been the safe passage of motor vehicles between North America and Europe which, as a result of impressive performance, has grown exponentially. We have become the bridge between both continents for the transportation of motor vehicles in any class between both destinations.

PORTAGENT - We bring the world to you!